Environmental Initiatives Lead to Economic Savings at 910 Government St., Victoria 

Environmental initiatives

Harbour Centre, 910 Government St.

Who says saving the planet is prohibitively expensive?

Tillyard Management Inc. is pleased to announce that the environmental initiatives that we have undertaken at 910 Government Street, Victoria, at Harbour Centre are hugely successful. After achieving BOMA BESt® Level 1 certification in 2011, we replaced the building’s lighting ballasts and tubes with lower wattage alternatives that are more energy efficient. Ballasts can be found in fluorescent and HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting systems and act as voltage boosters for fluorescent light tubes.

We estimated at the time that our yearly savings in electricity would be about $39,500.

We were wrong.

An energy and water audit conducted earlier this year shows that we have actually saved $50,000 in electricity per year since undertaking this initiative – that’s a total savings of $200,000 worth of electricity to date, and those savings will only increase as we move forward.

But that’s not all.

We also installed low-flush toilets and, since we put them in four years ago, they have saved Harbour Centre a total of $50,000 in water costs to date.

These saving show that there is an economic advantage to following sustainability initiatives. At Tillyard Management Inc., we are proud to say that we are not only doing the right thing for our environment, we are also saving money for our property investors while we’re at it.